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Welcome to PixelCraft! - The best multiplayer server there is out there!

This is a 100% Survival/Legit/Vanilla Minecraft server and is hosted and owned by Idoeverything (Owner) "aka" Martin.

The Owner and founder of this wonderful Wiki/Forums Page is KingYazdegerd - The Head-Admin of the server. On this wiki page, you can post forums, talk about the server, details, ask questions, or give your thoughts of the server and perhaps give suggestions. Anything you want to ask or post, is possible, so go ahead!

If you have any questions, ask the admins of this website: Idoeverything, KingYazdegerd, System_Meltdown1 & Nathan_Arlow

Thank you... for choosing us! - The best multiplayer server there is out there!

- Idoeverything

Contest Today! (Lasts 1 Week)Edit

Today is our first Minecraft PixelCraft contest. The contest is about building and more specific, about building trees. The contest is about making your own tree, being creative and making your own. Make your own and original design and you could win! There will be 10 winners!


You cannot just plant a sapling and bonemeal it - doesn't count

You must be creative, the tree must be your own and must be original

Do not copy any other person's idea


10 Emeralds, 5 Diamonds and $3,000 Minecraft cash.


We are going for a foresty/jungily style, so make the trees slanted, curve them, make them look like some of the trees in the rainforest. Go on the Internet for images of some.

1 winner = 1 Tree

1 Tree/Winner = 1 Prize

Note: A Player can win more than one time!

Get building and have fun!

- Idoeverything (Owner)

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